• Pedro Pablo Perez, Production, Quality and Innovation Manager
    “We all share something really special. The joy of pleasure and precious things. That's family.”

    Pedro Pablo Perez, Production, Quality and Innovation Manager

  • Carlos Alcantara, Agronomist
    "For each seed there is a soil, and for each soil there's a perfect seed. We search for the best soil and produce the best seeds."

    Carlos Alcantara, Agronomist

Discover Our Work

What We Do

We develop, curate and foster brands in the premium cigar and luxury sectors. We craft premium cigars and accessories that have set standards for many years.

With more than 700 appointed merchants and 65 «Davidoff of Geneva since 1911» Flagship Stores and Satellites worldwide, we are a specialist in exclusive retail experiences for our customers all around the world.

We are proud to be appointed as the sole agency of well-known international brands and to be entrusted with the distribution of their products.

Working With Nature

Working With

We respect nature. Only through a delicate balance of soil composition, wind, humidity, rainfall, sunshine and seed are we able to grow the world’s finest tobacco plants.

Our Philosophy

Crop To Shop

Oettinger Davidoff supervises all phases of cigar production. Developing the seeds, drying, fermenting, rolling the cigars and delivering them to one of our appointed merchants worldwide – this is what we call «from-crop-to-shop».

How We Blend

The Art of

In order to conform to the palate of each individual customer we have evolved the blending of tobacco into what it is today: an art.

Distribution & Quality

Distribution &

Our two core warehouses deliver our customers and partners around the globe. These warehouses are the beating heart of our worldwide distribution network of premium tobacco products & accessories.

Our Market Footprint

Trade and Supply Chain

With over 700 appointed merchants and 65 Davidoff Flagship Stores/Satellites worldwide the Oettinger Davidoff AG is a significant player in premium tobacco and accessories retail.

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Flagship Stores

Our retail brand “Davidoff of Geneva since 1911” is an homage to our very first store, where Zino Davidoff himself welcomed his valued customers and shared his passion for quality and exquisite experiences.

Today, our customers enjoy the same experiences in our Flagship Stores around the world –from Geneva to New York to Hong Kong. Our Flagship Stores are the destination of choice for anyone aspiring to fine hand-made cigars, luxury accessories and sophisticated gifts.

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